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The conjugation of versteifen in the imperative is: versteife (du), versteifen wir, versteift ihr, versteifen Sie. The imperative is formed with the stem of present tense steif-. The endings -e, -en, -t, -en are appended to the stem. The personal pronoun is usually omitted in the 2nd person singular. The formation of the forms corresponds to the grammatical rules for the conjugation of the verbs in imperative.

Imperative of versteifen

Conjugation of Active Imperative Simple Present of the verb versteifen


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versteif(e)⁵ (du)
versteifen wir
versteift ihr
versteifXardi Evening Wedding Nude London Envelope Vinyl Women Clutch Patent Bag Medium Leatherette Ladies en Sie
⁵ Only in colloquial use

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Conjugation rules

Detailed rules for conjugation

Conjugation chat

Ask for conjugation of German verbs
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Translation » stiffen, harden

Verb forms in Imperative of versteifen

The verb versteifen fully conjugated in all persons and numbers in the Imperative Simple Present
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Imperative Simple Present Imperative

  • - (1st Person Singular)
  • versteife (du) (2nd Person Singular)
  • - (3rd Person Singular)
  • versteifen wir (1st Person Plural)
  • versteift ihr (2nd Person Plural)
  • versteifen sie (3rd Person Plural)
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